Barbara Wade

Barbara Wade, a graduate of the University of Michigan and the University of Notre Dame, taught middle-school English in Madison, Wisconsin, before moving into advertising and public relations. After the death of her husband, Wyn Wade, she retired from publications and publicity work to pursue a variety of writing and publishing projects, beginning with the re-release of Wyn’s book The Titanic: End of a Dream as a new edition, The Titanic: Disaster of a Century.

Wyn Craig Wade

Wyn Wade (1944-2006) was a clinical psychologist by training and profession, with strong gifts and interests in history, music and the culinary arts. An accomplished theater organist in his leisure hours, he recorded a collection of audiotapes and CDs of his performances on the Wurlitzer pipe organ and his home instrument, the Rodgers 360.

Work of the Sun

“Work of the Sun” was a term used by medieval alchemists to refer to the “Magnum Opus,” the Great Work, referring to the dedicated practice of works and operations leading to the perfection of the soul.

The theme behind all work produced by Work of the Sun Publications is best expressed by William Blake’s poem “Auguries of Innocence” and in the medieval alchemists’ shorthand for the cosmic law of creation and being, “As above, so below.”


The graphic on the home page is an 1847 depiction of Yggdrasil, the cosmic ash tree of Norse mythology that connects the nine worlds of existence. Yggdrasil is the northern European equivalent of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, which links the four spiritual worlds believed by medieval Kabbalists to comprise the universe. A symbol of human union with God, Yggdrasil is the last plant designated for contemplative discussion in the work-in-progress,  “The Fire in the Fennel Stalk.”