Monthly Archives: September 2016

Touching base with Center

So what is “getting back to Center” anyway? After ploughing through “Schild’s Ladder” (for dear boy Derek) the question is raised. So here’s the deal… A piece of music “appears” in your “mind” (or “heart” or wherever you experience the Voice). Listen, obey it. Find it, play it. There lies your “essence” (Gurdjieff’s language here). Or a part of it at least. Recipe: Touch base with this tone/sound/note of yourself now and then, and you will maintain continuity with WhoYouAre, now and forevermore. As simple as that. Do it with traditional meditation or with Sibelius’s Fifth, which is what I did just now. Just…LISTEN…to the cues from within. Follow that little pinprick of your star….