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Western Sufi dancing?

Tried contra dancing for the first time last night. Enthusiastically e-mailed a friend today:

I’m wondering, providing one has the stamina and is without ulterior motives (such as meeting people, picking up a new love interest, body building, etc.) if this might be a Westerner’s version of Sufi dancing. After 8 minutes or so of continuous dancing – even dance-walking – through the various figures, the mind seems to leave the planet. If the individual’s body were familiar enough with the patterns that the mind could let go, I suspect mind-body-feeling would begin to work in sync  instead of separately (as they usually do). Who knows? Maybe Joy/Peace, even Enlightenment would happen. Either that or I’d die on the floor rather than forsake the line and immediate partner.

O Great Allah Mande!

Will have to step up the yoga hours per week to build stamina. If only these local dances were offered weekly instead of every 2 months!