Wyn Craig Wade (July 3, 1944-October 11, 2006), Author, Psychologist, Musician

Wyn Craig Wade, author, TITANIC: END OF A DREAM

Wyn Craig Wade

titanicdoac-coverThe late Wyn Wade (1944-2006) was a clinical psychologist by profession with equally strong interests in history and music. Fascinated by the famous ship since early childhood, he wrote TITANIC: END OF A DREAM, his first book, in 1979, following a family crisis. (See Introduction to The Titanic; Disaster of a Century.)

fiery-cross-coverHis second book, THE FIERY CROSS: THE KU KLUX KLAN IN AMERICA (Simon & Schuster, 1987), originally titled AMERICA’S SHADOW for its graphic depiction of this particularly dark aspect of the American character, suggests that the Klan’s mutations are with us today.

An accomplished theater organist, Wyn recorded a number of audiotapes and CDs of his performances on the Wurlitzer and Rodgers theater organs. Excerpts from these recordings are planned for release on CD by July 3, 2013.

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Wyn speaks about the Titanic on A&E:

John Chatterton

John Chatterton is one of the world’s best-known shipwreck explorers. Past host of the History Channel’s Deep Sea Detectives, he has been the subject of numerous History Channel and PBS specials and the recent bestsellers Shadow Divers and Titanic‘s Last Secrets.

Barbara Wade

Barbara Wade, a graduate of the University of Michigan and the University of Notre Dame, taught English and social studies in Madison, Wisconsin, before moving into advertising and public relations. After the death of her husband, she retired from publications and publicity work to pursue a number of writing and publishing projects, beginning with The Titanic: Disaster of a Century.