Son Derek wants me to track the journey I’ve been on for most of my life. With age I find that experiences and events are accelerating. My former resistance to engaging with technology is not so pronounced. And a more recent enthusiasm for using the blog format for self-discovery begins to fade in the face of a new, more realistic motivation: freeing the mind.

Writing has been a major way of communicating for most of my adult life. My career was built around it. My private life was worked out with it, in journals, letters and poems, mostly with fountain pen and foolscap. Now I find that words in my head and on paper are a prison. The sounds and scratches that arise out of the brain, as fully armed as was Athena when she sprang from her father’s forehead, now feel more like fetters for the soul than windows. They threaten to derail what I can accomplish in the limited time that remains to me.

And so, contrary to my original resistance to using technology as a means of clearing a way through the psychic jungle, I am curious to see if this online Journal can serve as a navigational instrument by which I can at least track my progress over the sea thus far.